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    Sports betting, a form of gambling found all throughout the world, has stuck around with us ever since the oldest of times. Anything related to sports, ranging from a traditional basketball game to something more risque such as, cage fighting or cockfighting, sports bettors are there to place their bids in hopes to win big money. To add, this type of gambling has been made even more popular and easily accessible through the use of the internet. Through the world wide web, E-gaming or Electronic Gaming had arisen from being a simple hobby to one people rave about. Casino online favorites such as blackjack, online slot, and poker to name a few, have also made it to the online world. With this said, you can definitely ‘bet’ that all parts of the world have been touched by the internet phenomenon, including the country and people of Malaysia here at 388club!

    Now as a beginner or a seasoned veteran, you may be looking to get into the exciting world of gambling or trying to increase your winnings. Wherever or however you want to bet, may it be coming in person to a live baseball or soccer game or online on your computer within the comfort of your home, how do we all start winning with success? All you need is a bit a luck, faith in the athlete or yourself and to hopefully have your money in the right pool, sound about right? No, it is definitely not only limited to that. Luckily for you dear readers, we don’t stop there because we will be providing you the secrets of becoming a great sport better so you can earn big money on 388club!


    Gambling itself is a risky business, but it is a high-risk, high-reward type of ordeal. The risk is what brings out the excitement and drives us to bet in the hopes of coming home several digits richer than the day before. One can either go all out or use strategy in order to achieve this and the latter usually produces millionaires. Through the use of an adequate strategy and betting reasonable amounts properly, you as well may be walking away with a lot of money.

    One thing to stress now is the absolute one thing that sets casual bettors and the professionals apart and that is keeping your cool. It is important to note that this is applicable in anything you do, such as at work or being in any stressful situation. With this said, in relation to work, professional gamblers also make sports betting their ‘job’. More on this will be covered in the top tips provided to becoming a better and successful sports bettor.